Best Plextor DVD burner for DVD write quality?

What is considered to be the best Plextor DVD burner for DVD write quality? Also why are Plextor DVD drives considered to be not as good as Benq or NEC?

Well to put it bluntly there Plextors and then there are Plextors that are not really Plextors. The only 3 real Plextors that I have owned are the 716A, the 755A (I don’t own) and the 760A. The 740A and the 750A are rebadges of other drives. The Plextor 740A is a BenQ 1640 with different firmware. So I would have to say that the Plextor 760A has delivered excellent write quality for me and I love it, but I also like my BenQ drives for certain medias. Plextors are every bit as good as BenQs or Necs. Just more expensive.

And they put at least a little bit of money in their customer support, meaning real support, not MS-like support, meaning they send a ups guy around to fetch the defective device and have him give you a refurbished or new drive within five days (my experience).

Hehe, where did you read that? For normal or advanced use, Plextor is as good as other quality drives. It’s a bit pricey though.

I always thought only their CD drives were good, but not their DVD drives. I always got that impression from reviews from cdrlabs and cdrinfo.

Maybe have a look at the two CDFreaks reviews for the 755A and 760A posted at the top of this forum and form your opinion. I am very happy with my Plextor 760A btw.:wink: