Best plextor drive?

What is the best plextor drive in terms of creating DVD images?


you probably would say “in terms of burning DVD images”

At wich speed ?
with wich media code?
single or dual layer ?
plus or minus ?
R or RW ?

IMHO there’s not a “best drive” as it depend of the speed of the burning; the fluctuation in quality even in the same spindle of DVD±R etc…
you should focus on the features of each drives an choose the one that fit your needs.

The 755A is a good compromise if you want all the plextor goodies with good burn quality nearly at all burn speeds and it is not too expensive.
if you want to be able to burn at 18x go for the 760A.

I canno’t tell for newer models as i don’t own them.

AFA disc reading is concerned, the 716 should be the best choice in terms of both dvd reading and audio extraction (of cp discs).

AFA writing goes, I wouldn’t give my 760 back.

Whatever drive you choose: updated firmware is most important.

I’d go for the PX-760. It can read single layer and double layer pressed DVDs (ROM) with 16x speed. If you need to rip burned DVDs the PX-712 would be an interesting choice. It’s a good reader that can read burned DL DVDs with 12x speed, all other Plextors only do this with 8x. IMHO the PX-716 is only an average reader (speed wise and also because it’s a very picky drive that will slow down when reading before any other Plextor drive does).