Best Player for DVD+R?

I’ve just gotten a LiteOn 451s, and am having trouble with playing back the backups. I have an Xbox, some work on them pretty well, others have slight distortion, some just go to a black screen (no message that the disc isn’t readable). My roommate has a Panasonic, it seems to play everything I’ve tried (very minor problems).

Now to my questions :wink: , which is the best standalone DVD player for playing these discs? Should I just try to buy the exact same kind my roommate had?

Is there any way to test this while shopping around (grab a stack of the worst discs and bring to the shop :stuck_out_tongue: )? Has anyone tested players with really crappy media?

Sorry for the length, I’m really trying to find a way to play my good movies off these crappy disc.


Most any new player will handle +R just fine, but taking a disc with you to the store is a good idea.