Best places to buy real TY media?

Whats places online can good real TY media be found. Places you’ve ordered from and trust.

Do you live in the Sahara desert, on Sakhalin island, in the Amazon jungle, in the Antarctic, or perhaps on the international space station?

Don’t assume that people somehow magically know where you live.

Without this knowledge it is pointless to answer your question. :slight_smile:

Newbie Aarseth
came across your post browsing
I did some research concerning the above
and seemed to have some of the best
reviews and deals - they guarantee their TY is genuine
I bought old -R 4X 100pack for 36 US Dollars
2 weeks ago
good luck!

That’s not much of a deal. Rima 8x -R

One place that has started carrying TY media is .
I don’t know how their prices compare to other places but it’s one place that I know you can trust.

In Europe: (sometimes they are slow sending or responding, but they handle such problems fairly) or

it’s a few bucks more expensive,
but I bought a cake,
good burn with 3540A


100 DVD-R 4.7GB 1X-4X discs, labeled as Value DVD-R, are now $27 shipped after coupon code “CS10”. These are TYG02 and max speed is 16x :bigsmile: There is not a string of black numbers, only white, on the inner ring which I also like :clap:

Demvang, are these the ones you’re talking about?

Yeah, but Demvang clearly isn’t familiar with the value line TY. Don’t get me wrong. they are great discs, but you take a big gamble with what you get. You can easily get what they advertise (4x TYG01) but you could also get 8x TYG02 or 16x TYG03. So if you have an older burner this can be a bit of a problem. Also Demvang, not all burners will burn the TYG02 at 16x. Anyways @the original post, as was pointed out by the first response, we need to know which country you live in so we can recommend a decent site for you. If you happen to live in the US and don’t want to gamble, then my suggestion is to go with Quite a bit cheaper than newegg and every bit as reliable. If you are in the UK or Europe. The Verbatim Pastels (made by Taiyo Yuden) are the way to go. Check out and

or best buy looking for MIJ 8x Sony and fuji

Sylvester, that’s what I’m talking about :slight_smile: If you order 200 discs at Shop4tech, you will get some free DVD-RWs. I believe these discs are the same discs at Supermediastore. 200 discs are currently $53.99 shipped there.

Jesterrace, QSuite tells me these discs are compatible at 16x with my Benq 1620. The scan is not so good at 16x or 12x, my 4-yr-old PC is probably not fast enough to do that :doh: At 8x, the scan is good (score -> 97) and that’s what I always do. sells em too:

I know but not everyone has a Benq 1620. From your original post, it sounded like you were trying to say that everyone would get 8x TYG02 in the value line and that it would burn great at up to 16x. As pointed out in my post, there are a number of other variables. :wink: