Best place to simply buy music for a mp3 player?



I just want to download a few songs(in particualr from greenday) :slight_smile: and Im wondering if there is any music service that lets you just download music that you can put on a mp3 player that is not a ipod. Everyone says use itunes, but I was looking into it and it seems pretty gay unless you have a ipod. You can only download in some apple .ACC format and even with a ipod theres restrictions to where you can transfer it :confused: So does anyone know of a music service that lets you download (buy) music and then put it on a non ipod mp3 player?


I think most people would direct you to for the simplest, most protection-free, cheapest way to get mp3s outside of straight piracy. Legality of the site is somewhat questionable, but supposedly they were deemed legit by the Russian gov’t.


napster to go.

songs won’t play after you stop your subscription.


wont play? as in they wont play on your pc anymore because they use drm or something?

allofmp3 is pretty good but doesnt quite have the selection that im looking for. If I use itunes how can i get the music into a normal mp3 format. Can i burn to cd then rip back to mp3?


Yes as that’s what some do. I would recommend using a high speed CD-RW also to avoid wasting CD-R’s just to do a once-off conversion. :slight_smile:

This is also discussed also in the following thread:


they will stop working on your mp3 player because of the drm…


Hm, would it be possible to burn to a CD Image via Nero (select CD Image as recorder) then mount it, then rip it from there?

It’d be faster (as fast as your HDD) and you don’t waste any CDs

Just wondering…


The people at have made the site so that it searches for artists across all legal music download sites. Check out the Green Day page, and click on their albums. Then click the “avaliable” icon near a title. It will tell you a bunch of services that have the files.

You’ll have to sign up with the individual service you chose, but it will help you show what each has avaliable. I think Walmart’s music downloads have songs for 88 cents (US dollars). Hopefully this helps. Good luck.