Best place to purchase DVD+R DL



Need to get some dual layer discs for non movie use. Any suggestions on who has the best price on 25 or so?



Various retailers, such as Newegg, BestBuy, OfficeMax, Micro Center, etc., have decent sales. One place to keep an eye out is the [CD Freaks Bargain Basement](CD Freaks Bargain Basement) thread. Thanks to ripit the “usual” circulars are posted every Saturday. You’ll see deals on lottsa stuff here, including DL media… :wink:

Forgot to mention…stick with Verbatim +R DLs… :iagree:


OfficeMax is listed in CD Freaks Bargain Basement as having a everyday price of $14.99 for 10 pack of Verbatim +R DL in individual cases. Free S&H with $50,00 order, so I ordered 4 packs. Will last me awhile as I usually do main movie only to SLs. You can mix an order to get it above $50. They do charge sales tax which for me is cheaper than the gas it would take to go to a local store and still pay the tax.



if you have a staples in your area they have great prices.i have bought dvd+r (50)packs for $14.95 they seem to have them all the time/sony/memorex…but the duals are around $49.00 up to $56.00 and up.they will refund any dvds for months.if you have any problems.i have bought many with no problems**


You have to watch them as they sell a lot of 3rd & 4th class media, just remember you get what you paid for, myself I use top of the line like TY’s & Verbatim’s, you can’t go wrong with those :bigsmile: