Best place to order media in the US?

I’ve found myself out of the loop on this now, and it’s time to order some more discs, both CD-R’s and DVD+R’s. I’ve ordered from Meritline in the past, and I’m looking at Amazon some now.

So what’s the best place for low prices and good selection on TY and Verbatim discs, or a CD Freaks recommended vendor? And while I’m at it, any recommended part numbers?

Thanks a million.

a well praised site to get TY media (TYG02 media code, which are DVD-R 8x discs) in these forums (which i ordered from myself not to long ago) is WWW.RIMA.COM

u can also order TY CD-R’s from there to… which from what i hear on these forums… TY CD-R’s are by far the best cd’s u can buy.

hope that helps a bit :wink:

p.s. before ordering anything though, get a few other peoples opinions to :wink:

Agreed, is a trust worthy site. I always buy all my TY media from there, not bad prices either.

Same here. I’ve been getting all my TY DVD-Rs from for about the last two years now. I’ve gotten thousands of discs from them, great company, great prices.

Another vote for rima. Great prices, quality products and fast shipping. No need to worry about the value line stuff, ect.


Yet another vote for quality goods - fair prices - shipping - and most important in a time of need - great customer service-eh!

For DVD+R you should try Rima or Sony Brand DVD+R with octagonal shaped spacer MIJ which is TY made one - you may still find it in your local bestbuy, sears, and/or at Kmart depending on your location. (I just visited Staples, Sears and Best Buy in my area and I was able to find several of them today. But it is all 8x).

For CD-R just go to your local store and buy Fujifilm CD-R. Older stock might still be MIT but most of new one with yellow shrink wrapped 50 pack, not 30pack, is now MIJ (at least in all the Los Angeles area stores I have been visted for last 2months) and it is genuine TY CD-R. --Which is much safer to buy than those bulk and sometimes fake and only silver shiny ones from online seller. And also much cheaper during sale (I bought dozens at US$7.99 at K-Mart several weeks ago on sale which is even cheaper than Memorex on sale). Just be cautious on online seller. Even the most reliable seller sometimes mix the fake one among them since it is not branded.(This is my personal experience and I also know some people doing business that way. There is no strict regulation on this way of business, especially TY don’t seem to really care about who sells their products since they have only 2 direct distributors in the US-what they told me).
So try buy locally with branded is safest way of buying it. If you can’t find any in your area then try online seller like Rima for a second and maybe only resolution.

Sorry about mumbling too much :Z

I’m gonna second what a lot of SOCALUS said.

There are two advantages to buying retail instead of online (which I had taken for granted after all these years of NewEgg, EBay, Pricewatch):

One, You get to inspect the actual item itself and find out where it was manufactured.

Two, There are all sorts of sales and inventory clearances that can land you some insane deals.

Retail hunting can be time consuming, but pretty rewarding if you search long and hard enough. I’ve found that you pretty much can’t go wrong with anything “Made in Japan.” These will usually be TYs, or Japanese-made Maxells and TDKs, which are all good media. Also, search through all those coupon ads that you get in your junk mail; a lot of times, you can spot a nice sale going on at your local computer store.

When buying online, you really can’t go wrong with guys like NewEgg and Rima. But the advantages of the retail scene are often overlooked.

Ebay is also interesting. You’re usually pretty safe when you buy branded media that is factory sealed. You can usually ask the seller to look directly on the packaging and tell you the “Made in —” I’ve landed a couple steals this way. Also, look for those inexperienced individual sellers - you know, the kind with the auction description that says something like, “Bought this 50-Pack of Maxell DVD+Rs for my camcorder. Used 6 of them, and then sold my camcorder, so I don’t need them anymore.” Usually, the bids on small auctions like that don’t go very high and it gives you a nice sniping opportunity.

Hope those tips helped. Good huntin’. :smiley:

A while back I sent an email to RIMA asking about media codes on one of their products and got back very focused and intelligent answers.

That made me a dedicated customer right there.

I’ll have to check out that RIMA thing. Sounds like a good option.


They also offer free samples. Just email them an inquiry asking for samples of certain item codes and they’ll mail ‘em out to you. Pretty friggin’ sweet if you ask me. :bigsmile:

Thanks for all the informative replies!

Is there any difference in quality between the silver shiny and silver inkjet printable TY CD-R’s that Rima sells? Or same for the DVD+R’s?

The quality is the exact same for both. Just different labeling surfaces.