Best Place to Download (free) pdf ipod iphone kindle nook eBooks for your ebook reader? Overview of available ebook stores



Looking for the best place to download pdf ipod kindle nook ebooks? Want to know where to download ebooks online? See this overview of most popular ebook stores.

Ebooks (digital books) are available for quite some time. Most of these ebooks were available in .pdf formats, and were read on normal computer screens. However, with the latest gadgets out there now, it’s possible to read e-books on dedicated hardware devices: so called e-readers. Even some cell phones are able to read e-books, and many other portable devices like the Apple iPad.

Most popular paid ebook stores has a huge hit with their Kindle e-reader. The inventory is huge at Amazon, which also holds true for their ebooks assortment. Next to books, Kindle also features various newspapers and magazines.

Less familiar is Kobobooks, which advertise with “Free eBooks for iPhone, Blackberry or Palm Pre”. They offer three steps: (1) select an ebook; (2)download the free e-reader app for iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Pre or Android; (3) read your ebook on your smartphone, eReader and/or computer. Their Android App will be live somewhere in early 2010, which means you can use your HTC Dream, HTC Magic, Motorola Droid and Google Nexus One as e-reader device.

Other paid online ebook stores include the Sony store, which offers several different Sony e-reader devices. Next to this, traditional book chains like Barnes&Noble and Waterstones offer ebooks online. Barnes and Noble have their own e-reader called Nook, whereas Waterstones (UK only) offer Sony e-readers.

Store & Reader


[li]Kindle, Kindle 2, Kindle DX[/li][/ul]


[li]iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Pre, Android[/li][/ul]

Barnes & Noble



[li]Reader Pocket, Reader Daily, Reader Touch[/li][/ul]


[li]PC/Mac; iPhone/iPod Touch; Sony-Nook-Kindle.[/li][/ul]

Waterstones (UK)

[li]Sony; Elonex[/li][/ul]

Most popular free ebook stores

Kobobooks also has a section with free ebooks, for those who want to try e-reading first. Some of the free ebooks are available for download, and the free ebooks have many different extensions.
Sony and Google have teamed up to bring access to over a million public domain books for free. This means free books from libraries all over the world can be read on the Sony Readers. In order to read free ebooks, Reader Library software needs to be downloaded and an account has to be registered (both are free). After that, the free ebook can be read on the PC, or transferred to the Sony ereader.

Site ---- Reader

Kobobooks Free

[li]iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Pre, Android[/li][/ul]

Google Ebooks

[li] Desktop/Laptop PC; Sony Reader Pocket,[/li][/ul]


[li]PDF Reader (e.g. Adobe Acrobat)[/li][/ul]