Best place to buy LiteOn 522446S online?

dabs LiteOn CDRW drives

This is the cheapest I’ve found for all LiteOn drives. Also a couple of places in the states but then there’s the shipping to add on and it’s not cheap to send to London! I’ve had good experience with dabs but feels like they’ve kind of got a bit of a monopoly going on over here, so is there anywhere else that offers the same service for similar/cheaper prices??

PS £54 is about $86

LiteON LTR-52246S 52x/24x/52x CD-RW - Retail (CD-010-LO)
Price: £43.00 (£50.53 Including VAT at 17.5%)

I know u have to pay for postage but I am getting one on friday as I am driving past there shop so can just pop in :smiley:

LiteOn 52x 24x 52x available from:

£55.31 Inc. VAT = $83 (Approx)

£52.29 (Inc. VAT) = $78 (Approx)

£54.05 (Inc. VAT) = $81 (Approx)

The Overclocking Store
£58.74 (Inc. VAT) = $88 (Approx)

£61.89 (Inc. VAT) = $92 (Approx)

…correct as of 18/12/2002


Cheers for the links boys - they all seem to work out at similar prices when you add their respective p&p charges, i hate it when they charge vat on that as well!

Still not in any high st shops yet but who buys from there anyway??

£51.70 @
£51.70 @
£50.86 @

Prices Inc VAT, ex Delivery.