Best place for a bulk order

i’m looking for 4x or 8x quality dvd-rs, maybe ritek or prodiscs. does anyone know the cheapest place to purchase in packs of 1000?


What country are you in? If you are in the US, check out

I don’t know of anybody who carries them in 1,000 packs. I think meritline and allmediaoutlet have 500 packs of each of them but whether or not, I would trust those two sites is another story. I take it you are doing massive data storage backups for a business. :wink:

i dont know if this is the cheapest but this place sells large amounts of like 1200 2000 and so on like up to 4800 check it out and see if it helps u CD ROM 2 GO

Should the MPAA be concerned…? :cop:

no, this has nothing to do with the ‘backup’ of movies. actually has 1000 packs, but i was looking for any other options (esp on cheaper 8x media). i plan on buying a DVR-108 or nec 3500 pretty soon, so it’s gotta work well with one of those drives.
oh yeah, i live in the US.

Calling FBI, calling FBI, I think we have a problem here.


You must spend your whole life burnin’…:wink:

WHICHEVER burner you use - try a small amount to insure compatability - like with both of my 3500’s I got crap results with Prodisc 8x +R’s but good results with the Prodisc 8x -R’s…


it’s not just for me, guys, lol. i dont know what i’d do with 1000 pack.
a few of my friends are getting together to try to get a better deal. we figure we’ll just all put the money together and divide up the discs.

Ah, I understand. So it’s a piracy ring then…

hmmm… 1000 still seems like alot, i normaly buy 25 packs or verbitrim dvd-r 4x, works coaster-free 100% of the time :wink:



hehe it better to buy mas amounts i bought 25,000 blank cd’rs once lol like a year ago i still have like 2 100 packs left from them but i have bought more since i have a shelf full of different blanks even some 99 min blanks hehe i should start a store my recorder is about to catch on fire lol.