Best picture for an hdtv

Helllo! it’s been a while. Anyway I bought a new PANASONIC PLASMA
HDTV. The picture looks great. My brother in law bought a 40" SAMSUNG
HDTV with auto motion. While it’s a cool blur free feature. I still think the
PANASONIC looks better. My question is what do you guy’s think. Which
HDTV’S are worth the money

I spent 20 years waiting for a big screen TV worth purchasing. The best is the Pioneer KURO plasma. I bought mine last July. Pioneer dropped out of the TV business for the same reason that Plextor dropped out of the optical drive business. Panasonic is now the best that is available. Plasma has a larger viewing area than LCD with no problem of artifacts or halos when viewing fast motion. My next TV will be the OLED or the 3D which comes after that.


I am looking forward to the new 3d HDTV’S too. I agree with
you on the PANASONIC. The one I bought was a 50" plasma with
1080p . Even though most broadcasters still don’t really broadcast in
1080p. What do you think of the clarity true to life feature of the
auto-motion on the SAMSUNG series 6,and 7 HDTV features?