Best physical media data 2021

Currently what is the best and most reliable physical media for long-term storage of files???

I think all common M-Disc variants.


I need links to buy spinddle M-Disc DVD but I searched and I didn’t find it, I have some M-Disc DVD Verbatim but I can’t find them for sale anymore

Links ahoy! Depending on where you live: The Millenniata store on NewEgg If you are in Canada. from Millenniata themselves.

Plus eBay and others that I didn’t bother looking up right now. Lots of places to purchase the spindle DVD version still. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m going to buy MDISC DVD but I need to learn how to store it long term and save DVD drives because I will need them in the future to read and burn the discs

Then buy them in pairs and think about a better backup strategy.

Do never trust in only 1 medium!


I tried to buy the MDISC DVD from these links but it is very expensive because the Amazon link and the Newegg link do not ship to Brazil and I have to pay an order redirector and the price goes up a lot I was interested in buying 15 or 25 or 30 units Verbatim’s preferred MDisc DVD disc but may be other

the price was 87 dollars and 400 reais brazilian currency

I don’t know where to buy

Well I didn’t know where you were located, so just put out some links to help you. Brazil is, from what I have heard, expensive with technology products since they have to be imported most of the time.

If Amazon has anything locally it would be here:

If costs are an issue, you need to think of a strategy that will work in your country. Hard drive backups with optical media on the side. Depending on how much you are storing, moving to an M-disc Blu-ray strategy might be a better option, longer term. If you cannot get the DVD version anymore, the Blu-ray M-disc might be available locally. B&H says that the DVD M-disc version they carry is discontinued.

Another thing to add to your to-do list is finding out what is available to you. We don’t know anything about your budget, what you can get in your country, how much data etc. so we can only help you with the info you provide.

Have you tried contacting M-disc through their web site to ask about where you can purchase their products or how to acquire them in Brazil?

Yes I am from Brazil but there is no M-Disc DVD in the Brazilian Amazon, I will need to import it for the lowest price but I do not know and I will not store many GB of data at the maximum 10GB I keep fullsets of Snes, Mega Drive, Nes roms, MAMe, Master System emulators and N64 fullset roms

my wish is to buy several M-Disc units, preferably Verbatim 25 or 30 single discs in spindle or 15 unitys in spindle