Best photo printable cd-r?


I am just starting with printable CD-R’s and have tested a few TDK’s so far. The surface is sort of inkjet paper quality, and I am more looking for photo quality. I’m printing with an Epson R1800. On the web I have only found one from Primeon, called photo-on-disc. Is this the only brand that has a photo quality printing surface? Does anybody have any experience with these? How is the quality?


I think you’re talking about glossy finishes?
They exist, but are very rare. Printable discs have more in common than not, and unfortunately some with the best surface do not give the best burn results.
The common approach to getting a nice finish on a disc is to use a spray-on sealer like clear acrylic, but this requires some committment in terms of a clean work-space and practicing your painting technique.

My advice is to use the best quality media you can get, that happens to also be printable. Work with your printer settings and learn what gives the best color and contrast on the media you have. With my Canon, that means using ICM plus pushing the intensity up a little. (The discs tend to be a little “flat” in comparison to high-res paper so you need to force the intensity).
And, if you really have to have a nice finish, look for Krylon (in the USA) at a hobby shop, clear acrylic spray.

I don’t have personal experiences with printable media myself.

But here are two links to Verbatim printable media. The first is to Verbatim Europe and the second is to Verbatim (US):

Verbatim Europe CD-R Media (surface guide at the bottom of the page)

Verbatim Professional Printable Media Surface Reference Guide

TDK makes photo glossy printables that look just like glossy photo prints. They are called Photo Quality Inkjet Printable Disc, the mediacode is TDK002.
I have not had much success with them on my Epson R200. The results look stunning, but with vertical segments that are more and less glossy. This spoils the effect. Besides, after storing them for a couple of months, the burns show terrible error scans.

Thank you, that is all very useful information. Great forum here by the way.

Longevity of the burn is obviously also important to me. I am currently converting some old vinyl records from the 50’s and 60’s to CD, and hope they will last a long time. So if I have to choose, I would go for best media quality. Am I correct then that something like MAM-E Mitsui white print CDR would be well suited for this?


Oh, and by the way, I saw that this Mitsui CD-R is also available in silver print. What are the pro’s and con’s of white vs. silver print?


Sorry, already found an excellent post here describing the differences.

Sorry, misread topic start. These are dvd’s.