Best photo editing software?

I want an easy to use photo editing software program. I’d like to label digital pics before printing. For example, Greece 2006, or the title of a certain picture. I know nothing about this process, so please bear with me. I’m confident, someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks…

Picasa might be good on the PC.

iPhoto on the Mac.

Do you mean, you would like the title printed on the picture, or to rename the data file?

Yes, title printed on the pic.

Any of the less-expensive versions of Photoshop can do this, many are free with various hardware. MS Photodraw also does it, as does most any image editing program.

This is a free program that water marks pics in 1 to as many as you can fit in a folder! 2 different locations for you to chose from!
I am unaware of any free Photoshop versions doing it it is one of the extras they through in the high priced ones which I have almost every version of. If you want I can give you a direction on the net to just about get any type program you want free versions that is! Anyways hope that helps!
Best is PHOTOSHOP of course but you pay for it!

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Look here this will do Watermarking and more

Thanks Jenni. I agree PhotoShop & all Adobe products are top notch, but I don’t agree on the extremely high prices. Besides, PhotoShop would be overkill. PLEASE point me in the right direction.

Alan pointed at a good one ACDSEE does it as wel as the one I linked to in last post aiswpp. Both these will water mark photo’s if you are looking for something a little more meaning you want one that does more please ask!
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gimp is a photoshop clone that you can download for free for windows, mac, and linux, its not quite as good as photoshop, but hey, it aint $600 either :wink:

its probably overkill just for adding titles, but its free and fun to mess with too

Well there is one I have yet to get and try but now I will!
Thanks Jwill427
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I used to recommend Paint Shop Pro for most things, but pretty much figure if someone wants to do semi-serious editing, PhotoShop Elements is probably the best.

I had thought the question was about basic photo management / tweaking, so that is why I thought Picasa might be good, cause it’s free.

Faststone Image Viewer is okay, as is Irfanview, but they are not hardcore editors.

It looks like PICASA can do labels and captions and such - it’s free from Google:

LOL, GOOGLE Cant beat it with a stick, is the best by far! :bow: