Best Panasonic DVD Recorder To Get?

My question is quite simple, what DVD Recorder Set top box should I get outta panasonic, Im going to be recording from TV, and transfering from DVR Saved shows to DVD.

I’m mainly looking for quality, nothing like how fast it turns and off etc.

So iv’e narrowed it down to panasonic and I would like to beable to pick it up locally from a like Walmart // CircuitCity // BestBuy.

Thanks for any suggestions on a perticular model, and comments and feedback about a perticular unit would also be very helpful.

Edited: Also ill be using Sony TY’s DVD+R’s

Mainly putting taped Sports on DVD for future viewing.

Thanks very much for any suggestions. Storm

The ES15 and ES25 seem to be the best bets for trouble-free service. The ES10 was also good, but is discontinued. The ES20 had a lot of problems reported and was quickly dropped.

Based on your description, the ES15 will be your best value, the ES25 is the same hardware with more features.

For the Panasonic, I would recommend DVD-R or DVD-RW, as they offer better fast forwarding and also record in the standard VIDEO_TS format that can be directly read by most apps that support it, like DVD Shrink.

Just something to consider.

I have the ES15, and really do appreciate the quality of the recordings, especially at LP mode.

Best of luck.

I have a ES25 and love the quality at four hours LP MODE and Flex Record MODE. The ES25 is the same as the ES15 with HDMI connection and SD card reader added (HDMI has no cable included, SD limited to 2GB max). Both can record to DVD-RAM with special features. Both have problems playing DVD+RWs recorded on another device.
I love this recorder. :clap: I find little difference in video quality of playback from my DVR or the ES25.

On sale now at for $110 using Google checkout

Hey, that Flex Record mode - if you set it for say a 1 hour show, will it fill the whole disk with that 1 hour show? I have not tried it yet.

My worry is that if I have say 6 shows listed to record and set each to Flex Record, it would only record one show and the disk would be full.

I’m not sure how to best use that feature. Do you only set it on the final item to be recorded for that night to make sure it fits? If so, I’d have to change the last entry each night to be sure, then change it back to EP when done, right?


WOAH - I just saw you have ordered the ES15! Is that a gift, or do you just love these things so much you want a second one?

The ES15 (just to good a price) is a gift for me as one of my Liteons goes to my Daughter.

I used flex record to record one movie from my DVR that length was between 1 and 2 hours, filled the whole disc, also for movies 2 to 4 hours. I think you use it to record one title at get quality or the make the last one fit on the disc. I find it is better than QTR as you can set the time in hours and mins. not just in 30min increments. I also like the ability to start play with the first title or a menue.

If you use FR the disc will be filled so no more can be added. Once you select FR the REC MODE has no function.

Note that chapter skip does not work on DVD-Rs till the disc is finalized.

Thanks for the info, and I hope you like your new ES15. :slight_smile:

The ES15 (with IF code change) goes to the living room with the DVD S52 on top, RCA DRC257N plays DivX and SD cards.
The ES25 (with IF code change) stays in the den with the DVD S1 on top, Philips DVP5140 plays Divx, the Liteon 5005 and Sima CT-200 used when needed.
Both rooms have a DVR and Cable Box

What’s IF code change?

page 15 of your users manual, so one Panasonic remote unit will not be in conflict with another, without the change my DVD S1 remote would trigger my ES25 big problem since my DVD S1 run through my ES25. I reset my ES25 to IF code 2 now no problem. Or is it IR not IF? whatever it is the remote code. Remember I am old and slow.

I’ll probably get one by next weekend, I was just wondering where did you guys get yours, like what store. I recently went to Walmart but this perticuar one didnt have it, I have many other’s around tho.

Thanks Storm~

Thanks. I should read the manual. :slight_smile:

Storm - I got mine at Best Buy, just for convenience.

Well I bought the Panasonic 15 yesterday, set it up last night pain in the but, but i got it working I think 100%.

Few questions I have about it is, whats the best way to record from a cablebox DVR, to a blank DVD. Like what to setup before I push record or after I push record.

And is there any way to record 2 hours and a minute or 2 more, or can you only record in 30 minute intervals?

Thats all for now, thanks very much for any help.

Cablebox DVR into rear inputs press input select to view the DVR, press Rec Mode to select quality then press record.
To Record 2 hours 2 minutes press F Rec and set to 2 hours 2 mins. press start when ready.

Wow, Very cool, Thanks Alot…!!

I have a couple other questions, one does making it 2 Hours 1 Minute affect picture quality or is it still 500 lines at 2 Hours 1 Min, not just 2 Hours =\

Second question is which ones are 500 Lines? 1 and 2 Hours? Or 1 - 2 - 4

My third question is what is the best way for example to do.

I have a bball game that went past 2 and a half hours say almost 3 hours, meaning I would have to start the 30 minute part after the 2 and 1/2 hour part was over. Should I stop it after recording first part, then start 2nd and record again. Or should I just keep it recording while im switching over, about 5-10 seconds probably.

Also any other tips anyone could give me with this unit, I would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  1. quality would be the same as for 4 hours but with a higher bit rate.

  2. XP and SP 720 x 480; LP 500 x 480; FR best quality and bit rate that will fit.

  3. If you know the time why not just use Flex Rec. for that time.

A Panasonic DVD S52 is a great player to pair with a ES15/25.
A Sima CT-200 would expand recorders use.
Buy the best media you can find in bulk (I like Taiyo Yuden or Verbatium) DVD-R/RWs work best. Nothing worse then recording for 2 hours then finding out that it skips on playback due to bad media.

Im using TY DVD+R’s.

Is there anyway for the unit to format the disc when its inserted automatically?

About how long do Set Top Box DVD Recorder’s last? Any kinda numbers would be good, time table, certain amount of recorded discs, w/e.

Thanks very much.

In most cases formatting is automatic, after you insert the disk it says READING then just press REC MODE If you see the mode the disc is formatted.

How long do they last? good question but hard to answer. Some report failure after a few weeks, others have worked fine for a few years. My APEX 9000 (20020 lasted about 2 years then total death, my first liteon LVW5005 (2004) had 5 drive failures in the first year then I replaced the drive, my second 5005 (2006) started have drive problems after one month (I replaced the drive). My ES25 is fine so far. Fiist problems seem to be unit will not read the disc, or finalize, or stop or read unfinalized discs…
If you get 4 years from current DVD Recorders or Players you did well as in 4 years there will be so many changes if it still works it will be out of date. Look at some 4 year old DVD Players that will not read DVD+R/RWs or MP3s.