Best paid site to download mp3's from

Where is the best paid site to download mp3 songs at high bitrate like 320. and what is the cost per song?

Can anyone give me the websites i can download songs from. i have friends asking me to put together cds for them but i need to know where i can get lists of songs to put together like CLUB RAP songs, HARD ROCK songs, and others? i dont mind paying for the songs and would like them to be at a high biterate.

If you mean copyrighted songs - you have to pay for them.

napster, itunes etc.

Probably he’s aware of that:

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If I was you, I’d look to download tracks in a lossless format like WAV, then you can encode them to what ever you like - plus you have the full quality originals to burn to CD. Of course I have no idea if such a download site exists? It should. Why anyone would pay good money for an mp3 or equivalent ‘lossy’ format when they could buy the CD is beyond me - mind you I listen to albums so individual tracks are probably better value.

Yeah, hehe. I’ve read that but probably my mind played tricks on me that very second… or the little green people. :wink:

Many people seem to like the Russian site because it is relatively inexpensive and you can choose the bitrate you want. Legality of the site seems to be somewhere in the grey area.

And this might be a good site for use of a temporary credit card—sometimes called a “vanishing” credit card. I know Discover Card can issue them. seems to offer various lossless formats including ape, flac and lossless wma. Can’t get a figure on pricing unless I register though which I am wary to do. Would be keen to get one of these ‘disappearing credit cards’ to try it out though.

No need to be wary of them. I’ve been registered there for quite awhile. Most complete CD’s cost $3.00 or less. You can also just buy the indivdual songs if you so desire. :slight_smile:

I just paid for an album at (that claims to be available form 128k to CDAUDIO quality) by SMS (£3.00). When I enter my code it presents me with only the option to download mp3 (max 320k) WMA (max 192) and AAC (max 320k). They didn’t tell me you can’t choose from all the encoding option before I paid by SMS.

I am annoyed to say the least. Before you say it, no I haven’t got a suitable credit card.

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There is no best paid site, the best site is buying CD and rip it into MP3 and you have the CD itself. Nothing can beat the quality of Original CD quality. And remember, even at 320 kbitrates, the twinkles on the music are gone, you loose all the twinkles, only original CD can give you 100% quality playback.