Best p2p

anyone know the best file sharing site? i was using bearshare, but don’t like the new “zango” program.

Bit torrent.

it’s reliable, and fast(for me) i get on average on a well seeded file, 120+ kbps

I dont think that there really is a “best” p2p app. Every one has its own good qualities and bad qualities. I use Azureus with the Pirate Bay, and it works great for me.

Bit’s is good for leach now and then but my one i love!!!

Is :bow: Revconnect :bow:

I tend to use both Azureus (for torrents) and Frostwire.

i need a good site to download mp3’s…

Sony my connect or itunes are the best I think well they’re not exactly P2P but least it’s legal.

This one is good and cheap. Link to allmp3 :bigsmile: