Best P2P program



there are so many P2P programs out there now a days. :confused: Please recomend wich ones u think are the best.


I like small programs. Try BitTornado or μTorrent.


Azureus for me.


I like Bitcomet and Utorrent, out of the 2 I prefer Utorrent. :slight_smile:


Normally just for general things “Xmule” works well some times I bit show and for torrents “qtella” it’s small, finds anything you want and very fast downloading :slight_smile:


i use ABC Yet Another BItorent works fine never had problems with it :slight_smile:


Try Limewire…


i think bittorent is saver


and it’s better any torrent site is better than Limewire IMO


i must agree with the post above installed limewire a couple of days ago picked a virus up on my first run , i uninstalled it straightaway and use a different one


I tries BitTorent since most people recomended that, but it is extremely slow. The download rate is only about 1 or 2 kb/sec. I know its not my connectios fault since I get about 40 kb/sec with other programs like Limewire :confused: . Any ideas why or how I can fix it?

Thanks again for the help.


Do you have a router? Make sure ports are open.

Also, be sure to use a random port, as defaults are usually blocked by ISP’s.


I have to say I’ve tried most of them when Winmx went down. But after they came out with the patch I’ve been using it since. It works better than before! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


DC++ (Revconnect)


Azureus for games/movies.
Limewire or Bearshare for music.


Never download more than two files at a time and make sure there are alot of seeders and leechers for the file/s you require. I usually average 70KB/s but as I have a fast internet conection quite alot of files download @ 150KB/s+.

EDIT: When I download I do not surf the net I just leave my computer alone untill the files have downloaded.

Try Utorrent with mininova it’s very popular.

ALWAYS scan your downloaded files for any viruses and spyware before you open the file :wink:


I prefer eMule, coathi’s xMule comment is the mod that works under linux though I believe it is now multi platform, both connect to the ed2k network. This network is particularly good for file longevity though not for great speeds given how people use the clients. Though speed increases with time.


Another vote apiece for Azureus and DC++


I’ll go with ABC, BitComet and uTorrent…but uTorrent is the best:).


I settle for Utorrent. Light on your HD and fast. For Linux I’d take Azureus. Both have an almost identical gui, though Azureus offers more options. For windows take Utorrent is my advice.