Best p2p network for high bitrate and vbr music?

I generally like high bitrate or vbr music and I find it to be in short supply on Gnutella, what i currently use. What is the best way to geta large selection of high quality music.

OiNK is far and away the best music torrent tracker, but it’s very hard to get an invite, and i’m sure most of their content wouldn’t be appropriate for this forum anyway.

Yes OiNK, OiNK all the way for high bitrate and large selection of high quality music :slight_smile:

i hope this isn’t against the rules, but does anyone have an invite for OiNK?

i think the staff here has expressed that they don’t really like people asking for invites to sites.

plus I doubt you’d get an invite from someone you don’t know personally…from what I hear it’s difficult to earn invites compared to other sites and the staff are pretty hard on people who don’t pull their own weight.

sorry I couldn’t help you out more :frowning:

it’s no problem really, cause it sounds a bit too strict for me
I don’t have my computer on seeding 24/7
I’ll just stick with occasionally browsing Gnutella with Cabos I guess

i don’t know about high quality music, but soulseek might be something to look into. it’s very reminiscent of napster, but I tend to be able to find a much wider variety of things on soulseek than any non-private tracker.

it’s p2p as in one user connects to one user for one file at a time so it’s slow, but if someone has that one random rare thing you’re looking for then it’s worth it. the client isn’t very intuitive, but it’s worth a shot. Once you get a handle on the client itself, it’s pretty easy to find things.