Best P2P, best version of Kazaa?

A twofold question really - in my experience, Kazaa has been the most easy-to-use P2P for me and has found what I want, but of all the varying versions on the original out there, I was wondering what people’s opinions are on all of them out there?

Also, how does it compare to others and are there far better P2Ps out there or indeed is it one of the very best?

Opinions and thoughts anyone?

They all suck. Some suck more than others (the original KMD is the one that sucks the most), but it is by far the worst p2p out there. It seems one in two files has corruption of some kind.

If you want easy to use p2p, go for Frostwire. The gnutella network used to be a joke, but it has gotten vastly more powerful lately. I’m giving it a go right now when I don’t feel like firing up RevConnect, and it seems pretty good to me. Not as good as RC, but then again it doesn’t take 5 minutes to connect to all the hubs, close the unresponsive ones, etc.

Hi limewire just came out with a newer verision 4.10 Now there’s no proplem with firewall issues.


or which one has no ads and has more complete files!

Frostwire. No ads whatsoever, and I’ve still to download a broken file.

If you’re referring only to kazaa clients, there are some without ads (I think), but since they all use the same network the number of broken files will be the same.

Hmmm… interesting stuff, will try Frostwire, never liked Limewire too much, couldn’t find anything, download rate sucked. Maybe I’ll give it a whizz again.

Kazaa Resurrection has no ads or spyware BTW, unlike the incredibly sh1tty and evil KMD.

I still have the Kazaa setup icon. Windowa XP kept stopping me from setting it up.

Frost wire is not too bad but you have to pay right? i’m not sure…anyway i use limewire and have no problems at all…although if you want video limewire is not what you want to use. as far as audio goes though it is great…here are a few things to keep in mind when searching for audio. if you are looking for a full album use your fav search engine and look up the track listing. this will give you the names and hopefully the times of every song you want to find…leave that window open and then open limewire…now copy and paste the names of each song 1 at a time in limewire(limit to 5 at a time) sometimes you also need the artists name. once your results come back go to the speed list and click the top untill all the t3 or higher speeds are listed first…this way you will get it the fastest(most of the time) also don’t forget to check for quality(4 stars) lastly make sure that the song length matches the time listed under the track listing search you did(this will most of the time ensure you will get what you searched for) this takes longer than just searching the album itself but you get the best quality files the fastest…also always preview…sometimes styles p is really matchbox 20.

limewire is ok to use just have to know how to use it, first I try to avoid all those t3 connections, why because who in the hell really has a T3 connection, know one I know thats for damn sure, anyway if it is a T3 and I have tried them they seem to be corrupted files anyway, so I stay away just me: ) 2nd look for cable people and 3rd look at the bit rate of the songs, an unknown bitrate surly not a good song but everyone forgets to look at the bitrate of the song, and those stupid stars disregard those damn things and just follow my advise and you will get better results, keep your spyware and antivirus uptodate too Kaspervy antivirus catches those hidden trojens fast, seem to find a lot of those especially if you use Kaaza, happy trading : )

Hell no. It’s the open source version of limewire, made to avoid whatever DRM problems might befall the official client.

so lemichaelj you are suggesting that the cable files are faster than the t3? that makes no sense at all…anyway i have used limewire for years and never had problems the only time you get corrupted files and trojans is if you are trying to download porn

That’s not true. I know from, er, safe sources that you can get perfectly good porn from the gnutella network.

lol i wouldnt know…fortunatly there is a great site out there that is very similar to netflix except its all porn lol… great site good prices. been a member for 6 months or so never had a problem

It’s probably not a good idea to put links to porn sites here… might get’cha banned… be more careful, you never know.
Besides, that site is not free… you get porn from p2p in order not to have to pay for it, so I think it’s inappropriate for the thread’s topic :stuck_out_tongue:

Frostwire is free
or Freewire another limewire clone at
Bearshare Lite free version no ad/spyware clean…
KcEasy (if u can find the old version of this program like version 0.11 and install it then install the newest version over the top of it, you will have 4 networks running fastrack, gnutella, Ares and gift networks all in one…
Shareaza at this has 3 network support, nice interface.
other free clients are Ares, emule, filetopia , soulseek and Kazaa Lite resurrection…

Ok I am looking for a new program to dl music mostly… I use to use WinMX… it shut down

what should I try a friend suggested which is a pay site unless you want to install some software that has adds and tracks you or something.

How is this Frostwire?

I would like to get back into having a source for music if possible

Then try eMule. Open source free client that access the ed2k neork and is now the dominant client on that network. eDonkey is on it’s way out of the door anyway.

Also take a look at Soulseek good in finding music.

Also check out eMule, it uses the ed2k network, it’s free, no ads, and lots of files.