Best Overall: Pioneer-111 or LiteOn SHM-165PS6



I have thinking about getting one of the two drives, and I was wondering which is the better performer overall, in terms of reading, ripping, burning, durability, etc. I have been reading reviews but I am still not sure.

I will also be primarily using Verbatim discs.


Brun Quality=Pioneer, especially with Verbs.
Ripping/Reading=Tie, IMO My pio ripped a movie that would not play on my stand alone player
Durability=? Really depends on useage
Point to consider: One drive for burning, another for ripping. This will reduce the wear and tear of each drive. In such a case, the Pioneer for burning, the Liteon for scanning, ripping, reading.


Thus getting the best features of both drives to work together. I have the 111 and an older litey and the combo has not let me down yet.


I have both. The Pioneer does a better job on CMC and Prodisc Verbatim + and -. The Liteon has a considerable amount of trouble with the -R and if you swap between the CMC and Prodisc versions of the +R the learning really gets screwed up.

I would go with Pioneer.