Best overall FW for 3500



I am sooo confused. I just got my first NEC writer-3500A. I am a nubie extreme and will mostly be creating data dvds/cds and backing up my movie and game collection. I would like to use the best firmware for this drive (unlocking what needs unlocked, improved performance, etc). I have read for quite a while here and on DVDRhelp and I am more confused now than when I started educating. Is there specific fw for this drive that does it all, and is safe? Most of what I have read is way over my head. I thought I was starting to figure it out, and thought I would go to dangerous brothers, but there was different versions etc, and I couldnt understand what each did. Can anyone provide a link or links to what would be the best overall firmware? Very basic info please. Thanks!!



You can’t go wrong with the Official NEC firmwares (currently 2.18)-

If you are looking for “mildly” modified firmware that gives good quality burns and automatic bitsetting go with Herries 2.17bs.

If you want the latest yet not speed modded then go for the 218btrpc1 by Liggy which will give you region free, bitsetting and riplock removed-

After that you are up into the beta firmwares from Quickee and Dee and Liggy - remembering that they are betas (in process of testing and proving out)-

I personally use Herries 2.17bs for both of my 3500’s-

You can find all of them here:



Big Mike: That was pretty simple and to the point. A few further questions if you dont mind since you did such a good job at keeping it simple (as simple as this could be anyhow).

What is bistsetting (Automatic/region free or is region free a different thing and ifso what is it)??

What is riplock??

It sounds like there are 4 important factors for the 3500 1) Automatic bitsetting 2) Region Free 3) Riplock removed 4) Speed Mods. Are these the only MAJOR hitters/improvements?

It sounds like Herries has auto bitsetting but what about speed mod, riplock and region free?? If not>>>>

It sounds like Liggys has Region Free, Riplock and Auto bitsetting but not speed mods??

Are these statements correct? Ifso, neither has all major modifications is that correct? Or I mis-understand?

Thanks again!!



Read my post carefully-

All the other answers to your questions would be best answered using our “search” function on the tool bar above-



Why is automatic bitsetting so important ?
how many bits are set ?
what happens if they are set wrong (maybe manually, and u make a mistake) ?


surely you jest.


Bit-setting is setting the DVD type to DVD-ROM which increases compatibility with standalone DVD players …




The bitsetting query is already answered here as of today.

Riplock, very simply, is where a DVD optical drive will only access a DVD-ROM
disc at low speeds. Removing the riplock means ripping the DVD contents to
a HDD at a higher speed than with stock firmware.

For your other queries, it is advisible to follow Big Mike’s advice. :slight_smile: