Best overall firmware for 3500?



Hi all!

I’m a relative newbie to the world of DVD burning. I got the NEC 3500 burner for Christmas and have to say that I’m very happy with its performance. It came with firmware 2.16, which I have since upgraded to NEC’s official 2.18. Even though everything is working tickety-boo, I am intrigued by the huge amount of firmware available for the 3500. I’m a bit boggle-eyed after browsing a few of the statistical tables featured on the forum, as well as perusing some of the numerous posts discussing the merits and drawbacks of each firmware version.

I want to know what the best OVERALL firmware is for the 3500. I mean one that is stable, gives fast and enhanced burning speeds, offers good media compatability, makes the drive region free, removes the riplock, allows bitsetting and any other valuable features.

There is just sooooo much info in this forum that I would be very grateful if someone could just cut through it all with a straightforward answer. Thanks!



I rather like Qikee Benchmark Extreme V3
Works well with my 3500, burned 100s of CMC MAG AE1 8x at 12x
and loads of ProdiscS03 4x at 8x, never any problems.



Like the new MadDog 2.FC

Up to date write strats with “smooth” feel-

Also use 2.18btrpc - for the bittsetting on my other machine - again good write strats and “smooth” feel-

Most importantly - they both give me excellent burns w/o any coasters-



In my opinion Liggy & Dees v1.4 Firmware is the best firmware I have used on my 3500ag.


There is no such thing as best OVERALL FW, I consider this statement as oxymoron. All FW mods have SPECIFIC objectives, that’s why they come to existance. Hey, even you asked for specific objectives :slight_smile:

I use an ancient FW, one of the first out. Reason: I wanted riplock removed, region free, bitsetting. And I got it, so it’s good enough for me (I might say overall good enough for me). I burn at certified speeds or slower. Had zero problems with media I bought and burned 150 discs. So my FW will not use alternative strategy to save 30 seconds on a burn, or overspeed media XYZ from 8X to 12X, so be it, I will not buy it in the first place :wink: