Best Overall DVD Burner?

I need to place the order asap so it’ll ship monday morning, so sorry if I didn’t look through all the posts to answer my own question.

Which is the best overall (without a hacked firmware)? Can burn full speeds with most medias? Can read/write with most/all copy protections? etc…

My pick of choices were the Plextor 712a, Lite-On SOHW-1633S, or the NEC ND-3500A? Which is the best choice?


i’d recommend the Liteon :iagree:

Yeap I guess Liteon too but also Plextor can handle well most of protections

NEC 3500A would be my pick

NEC 3500 or Pioneer DVR-108 would be my picks RIGHT now.

If you do not need Bitsetting and insist on stock fw then the NEC 3500 would be my choice. If you want bitsetting then the NEC 3500 would still be my choice hehe with Liggys 2.17 Modded firmware. If you want a stock NEC 3500 clone that will do Bitsetting buy a Mad Dog MD-16XDVD9

well, i’m not saying i’m not gonna use a hacked firmware. just wanted a stock firmware that is good enough for if i didn’t. think i’m gonna go with the nec 3500, and possibly use one of the speed hacked firmware’s. thanks for all your opinions. going decide some more before i order :stuck_out_tongue:

Whats wrong with the LG GSA-4120B!! or the x16 LG DVD-Writer.
Some people swear by them.

I have a 4120 it is a good drive, not the best in my opinion though for dvd-r.


I knew you were a fan of the Benq 822a and got the 1620 as well. Have you switched to the Nec 3500 for good? Is the 1620 as good as the 822a? I know it has firmware issues at the moment.

Also I see you have the Pioneer 108 as well. Am I correct to assume that knowing what you know now that you would pick the 3500 over the 108 irregardless of bitsetting?

I have had the 822a and love the drive but it is time to move on. I have handed down my trusty 822a to my sibling and am now in the market for a new drive. Amazingly I find the 108 cheaper ($109cdn) here in the GTA than the 3500 ($114cdn).

Thanks in advance for your thoughts :bow:

NEC 3500 with latest liggy firmware :slight_smile:

I’d recommend Nu 81

Lite-On 1633s for burning DVD+R and ripping scratched/protected CDs.

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