Best Over-All DVD-Burner

What are the best over-all internal DVD-Burner’s avaiable right now?That write very well and read very well?Within a budget of $100.00

I’am seeking another for burning movies from torrent sites.Using Verbatim DVD+R Media(made in Tawain)


You could buy a few DVD movies for $100.

You know what?There are too many damn comedians on this planet allready!

And too many impatient lazy users. Is ‘Search’ not an available option in your browser? It’s been a whole three hours since your original post and nobody answered your question? OMG!

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LOL…Lazy.If I’d had allready found the answer to my question.I wouldn’t have posted it!THANK YOU :clap: :clap:

Pioneer DVR-111D or 112D are both good for burn quality, especially on double layer DVDs.

Lite-On LH-20A1P - $30 + Free Shipping - moderately good burner + excellent scanning ability

Plextor PX-740A - If you’re feeling really daring, you can try this out. Keep the drive as is or crossflash to BenQ DW1640. A good all-around burner that’s out of production

Third time lucky!

Liteon LH-20A1P (487C) Got it now.Hate it extremely!!

Plextor 760A/SA or 755A/SA/UF.

It takes more than 1 drive to have the best options. That’s why i have more than 1 burner to have the best of all worlds :smiley:

Also if you want to burn CD’s then buy a designated CD burner :slight_smile:

[B]Warning[/B], this hobby can be expensive :iagree:

Drives currently installed on my PC
HP 18x Dual-layer lightscribe drive
Lite-On LH-20A1P

I’am removing the lite-on.And putting two new drives.
My Antec 900 case has three 5.25" slots available

How the Plextor PX-750A drives;I found about 4 of thoes on ebay.

I found a good old fashioned WW2 flamethrower works the best. You line them suckers up on the driveway, turn on the gas, light the flame & they are history. I was gone for a second there but I am back now. I have heard of & seen good scans of burns with the newer Samsungs. I have the LH-20A1S, good burns on good +R media, currently trying out TSST SH-S182D SB06, again so far good burns on good +R media.

If you don’t like the Liteon, I would say the obvious choice is
the Pioneer 112.

Money isn’t a issue.I’am seeking good performance!

We are all seeking the holy grail, but there really isn’t a
huge difference between the various drives on the

Liteon LH-18

Liteon LH-20



If you look through the reviews on CD Freaks, you will find
that some of the Pioneer and Samsung drives can produce
burns that are as good as these.

Try a REAL Plextor like 716A/SA, 755A/SA, and 760A/SA.
740A, 750A, 800A, 810A/SA are NOT REAL Plextor.

Well buy some drives and try them out. It’s the only way to find what works best with your setup :iagree:

Read the reviews and posts here. Just take your time choosing.

That’s what i do but i ended up with what’s in my sig :smiley: I don’t regret buying any of them. It’s one of my favorite hobbies.

Great Drives ! Best drive I ever tested, very good and fast reader, will rip any CD or DVD I tried very fast even if its scratched and the burns on all the media I tried are perfect. :slight_smile:
If I didn’t already have one I would buy one strait away. Might still buy another one or two so I have a spare one. :slight_smile: