Best Output Method?



(Forgive me if this is a silly question) Is there a best output method for ripping DVDs using CloneDVD? I am not trying to watch the movie from the hard drive, I am just ripping to the hard drive prior to burning. Is there even a difference? I understand what the two options do, “DVD Files” copies the Video folder and individual files, and “ISO/UDF image” creates an single image file. I’m just curious if there is a difference in the end result (quality? success with layer break? etc?). Is one method better than the other?


There is no practical difference. Burning quality is not related to the file type that you burn :slight_smile:


The only difference is, that the ISO/UDF image will take longer.


Exactly what I needed to know. :bigsmile:

You guys rock. Thanks for the quick replies. :bow: :bow: