Best OS for DVD Ripping

I have a 1GHZ 512MB Ram with plenty of HD Space 2 40GB 1 120GB
2 Plextor 8X Burner 1 Liteon DVD-ROM , What OS can I get the best use of this machine to burn Movies quickly.

With a system that size, I would guess Win98SP2.

Without a Doubt Windows XP+SP2 Properly configured and tweaked is the best OS for any occasion. XP However is a little resource thirsty If you’ve only got 512K of RAM it would at least need to be DDR, if your talking SD I’d say Win2K.

ive ran xp pro with sp2 with no prob. on this machine was wondering if any linux flavors or even win 2k3 server may run a bit more streamlined and burn quicker

Win 2K3 is an OS for servers specifically running an XP User Frontend, I cant imagine it would streamline anything apart from a mass network. Linux on the otherhand I know very little about - Experimentation may be the key, but if your running XP/SP2 I doubt you’ll make much if any improvement. I think a Hardware upgrade would serve your purpose a little more effectively.

I would say Windows 2000 for that spec.

With 1 GHZ and 512MB Ram if speed is what your after I would stay away form any of the Window OS’s, When your running a Windows OS there is no such thing as speed, You can’t use windows and speed in the same sentence. I would run something like Ubuntu 5.0.4 with Gome, for extra speed, it runs faster than with KDE.

With only 8x burner (PX-708A?) I would say Windows XP SP2 will be fast enough in your system.

For comparison, below is PX-712A rip a DL movie up to 12x without any problem in my older machine, Dell PIII 1Ghz, 512MB, Windows XP SP2, 1x 80gb in 2 partitions.

Thanks so much guys for your responses, Coathi with Ubuntu am i getting a gui and what would I be using to burn on the linux flavor software wise. Another Idea
I had was if I knew of a way to make a duplicator learn CSS via a HD so I can get
1:1 with a Plextor 16x burner and at that point it would just a matter of speed. My movies would burn faster.

Zevia what are using to burn movies and i am assuming then with the 8x it would take somewhat around 23mins.

Your system should be able to handle this on with any OS. Windows XP will run, but with SP2 it might get a little slow. I recently installed a fully updated Windows XP with all kinds of software (not too much) on an 1.2 Ghz Athlon with 256MB of memory and the speed was horrible (512MB is much better though). Windows 2003 server feels faster (even on slower systems) but isn’t really suited for desktop usage. It can be tweaked to behave as an desktop OS and that works alright, but I doubt if that’s worth the money. Of course you can go for Windows 2000. Win2k will run pretty nice on your system, but it’s not supported by MS anymore. So if you run into bugs or security issues, don’t count on a fix! I wouldn’t settle for Windows 98 (or ME). Your PC is too good for that and those 9x OS’ aren’t that stable.

Then there’s is the option of going with Linux. DVD Ripping can be done perfectly in Linux. Let me know if you are interested! As Coathi suggested Ubuntu is a good way to go. I have to concur with that: Ubuntu is just great. I’ve been using it for some months now and I love it. Fast, stable, free, well supported etc…
A very nice Linux ripper is dvd::rip (

im not so sure about that every vulnerability in win2k so far patched as you can see at few just recently and just a month ago win2k sp4 update rollup1 came out,anyway regardless when having a good firewall security updates arent a must

i agree such pc shouldnt run 9x however win98se is preety stable but winme is microsofts worst os ever and is highly unstable

Yeah, Win2k has been patched recently, but the past has shown that it’s just another matter of time before the next vurnerability is found. It doesn’t make Win2k a bad OS/choice, but it becomes case dependant. When the system is only intended for DVD ripping and maybe not connected to the internet, there’s no reason to refrain from it.

Win98se is indeed pretty stable, but compared to Win2k/XP, I’d still call it unstable. The bad memory management (still an issue with the NT derived OS’, but not as bad as with the 9x OS’) is really a huge pain…

So I take it my OS choice is between Win2k and Ubuntu, Awesome Sounds like i am heading somehwere here Dee-ehn and Phil thanks its making it easier for me.

thats true and also true for many other os’s like winxp

even if it will be connected to the internet so far updates are available and as i alredy said a good firewall will give just as good and even better security then security updates

you welcome :smiley:

Yes Dee-ehn is correct dvd:::rip is a very nice DVD ripper but you can also use DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter in wine some people are reporting they can can rip a DVD in 15 mins and burn a DVD in 8 mins with DMA enabled. I never timed it my self how long it takes but it seems to work a lot faster then doing it in Windows. Just been trying out a new DVD ripper called XDVD Shrink and from the looks of it is a great program. Also Nero Linux works great as well for burning DVD’s.

Is it hard to get DVD Shrink and DVD decrypter running in ubuntu with Wine

@ netghost Not at all you can find a very good guide here and all the help you need in setting up Ubuntu in there forums. Most people once they tried Linux don’t want to go back to a Window OS. Ubuntu is Debian based and adds regular releases normally every 6 months. On a typical computer, the Ubuntu installation should be done in less than 25 minutes. Support for ongoing upgrades via the network, from version to version. You never need to reinstall the operating system, just upgrade from each released version to the next when you want to.