Best options for DVD+RW in the US

I’m looking for some new DVD+RW discs, haven’t bought any in a while.
Looks like TY doesn’t make any, Verbatim is still selling 4x DVD+RW discs (where are they made?), Ritek and Memorex are selling 8x discs. I can’t find the Ricoh 8x +RW discs for sale anywhere.
I have a Benq 1655 and a NEC 3500A, what do you think my best options are and any suggestions where the higher speed media is available?

Ricoh, Philips and other +RW 8x are available here in Germany, but this will probably not help you. :frowning:
The 1655 should love them.

How much do the Ricoh and Philips 8x DVD+RW media go for (approximately) in Germany? Thanks!

I would personally recommend MCC if you can find it. The Fuji RW discs have been this in the past at least.

Sony 4x DVD+RW made in Japan.
Excellent stuff.
Probably the best quality DVD+RW I’ve seen.

I think that only your Benq drive will be able to burn 8x RW. Rima has Ritek 8x RW which works very well in my LiteOn, but if you want to be able to burn it in both your drives, stick with 4x. BTW, Fuji always used to be Ricoh JPNR11 in the USA, perhaps that has changed lately. Anyway, that’s very decent stuff.

The Traxdata +RW 8x cost under €1 per piece, the RICOH and PHILIPS cost approx. €1.50 per piece here in Germany.

That’s where I got mine too (traxdata). Be aware that the Ritek008 discs cannot be burnt in the NEC 3500

If you have a Biglots near you and they still sell the small packs of Fuji then you can pick up some nice Ricoh Japan RWs that way pretty cheap. I also bought some at Walmart once but haven’t checked in a long time if they still carry it. I always prefer Ricoh for RW. I stay away from Ritek anything.

Ritek +RW 4X are RICOHJPNW11, some of the best I have ever used. My scans on NEC burns look as good as TY -R. You won’t get as good a scan with BenQ but the media is very good and generally available online with a little searching.