Best option for Windows Mobile 5.0

Using DVDFab Platinium I have iPAQ hw6915 PPC running WM 5. Can anyone advise best mobile option to use in order to convert DVD movie to file I can transfer & play on pre-installed Windows Media Player (mobile).

I tried Windows Smartphone format under Cellphone. This gave avi file with .DVDrip name - looked like DivX format. It played fine on my laptop as I have DivX codecs, but wouldn’t even transfer to iPAQ using ActiveSync.

Video file I have transferred & played successfully was already in WMV format, but can’t find option for that in DVDFab. Any suggestions?

Regards - Richard

I’ve searched around the forum and found several people asking similar questions, but never seems to get a response. Surely someone knows how to create a file that will play on WM5. I have an AT&T 8525 with a 2GB memory card waiting for someone to tell me what works best.


Now, DVDFab not support WMV, we are working for this.

if your Mobile Device support other format, like avi, mp4 or others, please send me a small sample, maybe I can create a profile for your device, Thanks.

I tried to attach a zip file to this message that has a file that plays on my phone. It is MP4 format. After staring at the upload page for 15 minutes, I decided to give up. Any idea how I can get you a 700K zip file?

hi, you can upload to our public ftp.

I have PM ftp url to you. please check.

Easy, easy, easy. I have the Samsung Blackjack running WM5, went to the DivX website, on the top bar, you’ll see mobile. There’s a DivX player for Windows Mobile. According the the website, you should resize the pic to 320x240, and kick down everything else as low as possible. However, I’ve used the program, and the Blackjack was able to keep up with the video of a regular .divx file. It resized the pic, and was able (most times) to keep up with the video. A few slow downs, but not enough to tie up my machine for 3 hours converting to a smaller pic, frame rate, and the like. Just a wonderful program.

With that being said though, I don’t know if it works with the Xivd which DVDFab works with. Not a bad place to start though. :iagree:

I’ve already done this for my Dopod D810…

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