Best option for playback of library of DVDs ripped to hard drive?


I saw a program kaleidescape I believe which was a HTPC and software and ripper etc all in one. While I already have some good hardware, I and software for ripping DVDs to my hard drive I don’t have any nice way of choosing from my library like kaleidescape.

I have Windows XP SP2 with the latest media player and I can play VOB files but it doesn’t really let me create a library as far as I can see even if I seperate all the different DVDs by foldere- e.g. lethalweapon -with all the vobs etc in the standard subfolders, xmen -with all the vobs etc in a standard subfolder. Perhaps there is an add on/plug in or I’ just doing something wrong but when I go to options to select folders for monitoring it doesn’t add any of the DVDs I’ve ripped (still in VOB format - no DIVX or avi codec).

I have WinDVD that lets me select a folder for playback but I can’t get it to really create an easy to access library as far as I can tell.

There was an article recently about doing this but I tried their recommended software VLC and DVD play but they don’t seem to work well unless you just copy the entire DVD with all the previews etc. I’m trying to have just the movie without the previews in my library.

I’m using 1 click to copy the movie over without the previews. If I use it to copy to a DVD and put it in the player it works fine.

Thanks for your help

The cheap easy way is to just right click on the Video_TS folder and choose the option play with your player of choice. You could buy software called Movie Collectorz. It will create a library for you.