Best Option - All In One Recorder

I am looking for the best ‘all in one’ option for a DVD recorder. My main criteria are as high quality as possible and long record time. I have a number of videos (on Beta format!) that are typically 3-4 hours in length.

Is a dual layer all in one by best/only option? I don’t beleive anyone is selling a Blu Ray recorder in the U.S… so I am assuming some kind of DVD-R DL or DVD+R DL recorder is my best option…?

Again, I’m seeking longer recording time at higher quality than is available on a standard 4.7 single side disc.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or help!

They are all about equal. If anything, you would just be comparing brands. Anything outside the spec (2 hr per SL disc) wouldn’t be considered “high quality”. Most of the players should support both SL and DL media.