Best Optical Drive to read old CD & DVD media?




What DVDRW/DVDRom should i buy to get the best results reading old (date) CD and DVD media?



Welcome to the forums, Ergobyt. I haven’t done much ripping of old CDs, so I’m not able to give advice on them. For DVDs, the Lite-On iHASx24 drives, the Samsung SH series of drives, and the (older) BenQ DW1640 are all good rippers. If you’re having significant problems reading older media, you may wish to check out the forum threads on IsoBuster.


I haven’t really ripped many cds recently. I mostly rip movie dvd discs.

At the present time, I would avoid any new/recent LG dvd drives for ripping movie dvd discs.

(Though LG bluray drives seem to fine, and so far don’t appear to have any fatal reading problems on bluray movie discs).

Over the past 5 years or so, I’ve been primarily using LiteOn iHAS124 drives (and clones). For most of my dvd movie discs, it only takes around 11 minutes to rip an entire double-layer dvd disc with dvddecrypter. (Assuming the discs don’t have any major manufacturing defects).

I also keep a Samsung SH-224FB dvd drive around, largely to handle problematic dvd discs with crappy quality control. For example, such as Universal + Warner titles released as double-sided dvd18 flipper discs (back in the mid-late 2000’s), and titles released by bottom-feeder movie companies with crappy disc quality control such as Mill Creek, Echo Bridge, etc …


Generally if the Samsung dvd drive can’t read a particular movie dvd disc in its entirety, then most likely that particular disc is defective due to random bad sectors from manufacturing defects. Such discs are beyond repair.

Every time I come across such defective discs with random bad sectors, I just return the discs to the store for an exchange (or refund). Most of the time after the store exchange, the new discs are fine without any problems. Though occasionally, an entire batch might be all defective.

(This is ignoring the issue of deliberate bad sectors type drm, which is an entirely different issue. Deliberate bad sectors can be handled easily by various other ways, but that’s a discussion for another thread).