Best Online Source For Benq In The UK



Hello All,

What’s the best online shop to buy a Benq in the UK?

I currently use an NEC 3500, but fancy a change, and the Benq seems to be the way to go.




I just bought a 1620 from ebuyer for £37.58 delivered. I know some people slag ebuyer but I’ve never had problems with them at all.



Hi :wink:
Just had a look on ebuyer had only 1 1620 (biege) £34.66 (inc shipping)
& that’s used stock
Dabs have no stock
This likely as most people wait for the 1640
If you must buy now I be tempted with the Nec 3540a which whilst it’s early days is certianly one to watch find out more at


Ebuyer are a reliable supplier who I’ve bought quite a lot from. Sometimes their returns processing is somewhat slow but I rate them quite highly.
BTW they have over 200 Benq 1620 (item code 84731) in stock right now.


Komplett also sell the 1620 Pro [black & beige] for £37/36 though according to them its the OEM version now whether that means its the retail drive without packaging or it’s a drive with the OEM Gxxx firmware I don’t know but they do sell the 1625 retail and use the retail pictures of the 1620 pro so I’d say it could very well be the retail model.


Probably worth holding out for the 1640 but not seen it available anywhere in the UK yet. I am keeping a close eye on this though :wink:


Hello All,

Thanks for all the replies. I think I’ll wait for the 1640 to be reviewed, and then make my decision.




I have used ebuyer, but their deliveries can be extremely erratic. My last order, for example - I paid for priority express delivery. They took the money, confirmed I would have my goods the next day… nothing. Nothing the next day, or the day after. Or the week after. 10 days for half an order to arrive because of their cock-up, and what wasn’t delivered had gone out of stock.

In other words, ebuyer sold property I owned without my permission.

But when they get things right, it’s not so bad. Very good prices.

If you can risk a non-delivery, go for it.



Got my retail versions of drive from scan,prices seem as good as most places in UK


Prices look OK at Scan but I don’t see any Benq DVD Writers listed.


Scan can be worse that Ebuyer in my experience, used to buy a lot of stuff their at once time, but service isnt a patch on what it used to be over a year ago. So I dont buy their unless I have to.

Ebuyer is a bit erratic with delivery dates, but otherwise ok.


seems like in UK, there is only 2 companies that sell the benq, komplett and ebuyer.

anyone know anywhere else that sells them in UK? that dont charge a fortune for next day postage?


Kustom PC’s sell the Shuttle CR40 which is a BenQ 1620 Pro just with a custom (and much nicer looking) face plate inlcuding delivery if your in the UK it’s about £62. also sell the Shuttle CR40 in silver and black for £43 not counting dilvery.

[You can cross the flash the drive to the retail firmware as Shuttle put the OEM Gxxx in it]

Pixmania also have the Plextor 740A listed as being available on the 6th of next month for £55, the 740A is an OEM BenQ 1640.