Best older plextor drives?

Aside from the terribly expensive high end Plextors, what older models (under $100) were the best ? I’m doing only music using an older OS.

Try to find a used PlexWriter Premium in good condition if you’re focused on burning audio CDs.

PX760A - a good choice too (all test/writing functions of Premium present; CD writes exellent)

What about for ripping audio CD’s only? Is the premium overkill?

For ripping, most of the mainstream Plextors were fine. There were a few odd drives that were mostly rebadged from other manufacturers that lacked the C2 error detection needed for accurate ripping but your best bet is to get hold of a copy of Plextools and see if your drive supports C2 error detection.

For burning I would look at the Premium, Premium2, PX712, PX716, PX755 or PX760 as these all have error checking facilities.


old plextor 32x and 40x (SCSI) excellent rippers and machines

[QUOTE=salmiakki;2648836]old plextor 32x and 40x (SCSI) excellent rippers and machines[/QUOTE]

32x made in jap
40x made in china


I still have both a Plexwriter Premium and an Ultraplex 40 TS scsi cdromplayer,with less than 100 reads for the Ultraplex and less than 100 read/writes for the Premium…because I cherish both and only use them for special occasions…:bow::bigsmile: