Best old DVD recorder that doesn't recognize broadcast flags?

Hey all, I’m about to put an axe through my current dvd recorder (an LG RC897T), and was hoping someone here could maybe help me before I reach that point. I know recommendations have been made before in other posts, but I wanted to know what in you experts’ opinion is the best older dvd recorder (i.e. reliable and durable, and hopefully able to make titles) for recording any programs I want for personal use. I recently bought the LG but after the switch to digital cable it seems everything has broadcast flags, defeating the purpose of purchasing the DVDR in the first place. I know some of the old recorders don’t recognize broadcast flags, and am interested in purchasing one so that I might finish recording this season of The Office. I only plan on using it for personal use, and it boggles my mind as to why these companies don’t respect their customers’ right of fair use. Anyway, any recommendations would be much appreciated, and preferably the recorder would be able to use DVD+R DL disks. Thanks so much!

P.S. I am recording programs to DVD that I have already recorded to a Motorola ATT U-VERSE DVR, if that changes anything.

Probably best answered in the DVDRecorder forum, so I’m moving your thread there.

Thanks Kerry56. Still learning my way around the site.

All DVDRs (except maybe a hacked one) respect copy protection flags. What (new) Sonys, Toshibas, LGs, JVCs and a few other brands do is [I]falsely[/I] detect a CP flag and stop recording:a
I use Panasonic DVDRs and they never report a false CP flag. That doesn’t mean you can copy a commercial DVD with copy protection with a Panasonic but if there truly isn’t a CP flag you’ll be fine.
AFA Panasonic models I’d personally look for a older(pre '07) ES series. The current EZ series while they don’t falsely detect CP they are a little more buggy than the older ES series. If you did want a new unit I’d suggest the EA-18 which most people have had very good luck with. It’s tunerless but in your case it doesn’t sound like you need the tuner just recording from a STB. Panasonics from '06 and newer have supported every media including DL. If you have to have DL then I guess it kind of eliminates the pre '06 Pannys.
Here’s a link to a thread I started on AVS talking about [I]all[/I] the Panasonic models, years produced and brief features. Link.
Also check out the Panasonic DVDR forum right here on CD freaks:)

Also note if your STB is truly sending out a CP flag you could always just buy a [I]video filter[/I] which installs between the line output of your STB and the line input of any DVDR. They run around $100 US and work with any DVDR and have the added benefit of allowing you to backup your own commercial CP’d DVDs, welcome to the forum!

Thanks JJeff, I’ve been gone all week but just got your post. I’m going to go to the store today to see if the new Panasonic model you recommended will get the job done. Fingers crossed it will, if not I’ll get some DVD-Rs and try one of the older models you recommended. Thanks again!

I haven’t had a problem with broadcast flags yet anyway.I have Dish but an older sat receiver box.So maybe that’s the reason.
You might get a video stabilizer like the dimax grex & run the video through it.
I haven’t checked on a filter like jjeff sugested so I don’t know which would be better.
All my DVD recorders are rebaged Funai .I don’t know if they are like the Panasonic & just don’t have a flag problem.