Best of Everything



Hello… I’m quite new at all of the DVD backup stuff…

I want to know what is the absolute best of DVD burners, as well as blank DVD media. The best… I don’t want to waste money on stuff that would render most of the DVDs I try to backup useless and so on.


please use the search function, sorry to sound harsh but this has become the most common question of all time, all it takes is a little search and you can find out everything you need to know, there is no ‘best burner’ they each have their strong and weak points.


Quite true. However, I had gotten a I/O Magic USB external drive. And Maxell DVD-Rs.



well if it works for you it works, everyone is different some people want a a drive strong at backing up ps2 games some want a fast ripper, some want a drive that can beat copy protection, some want a drive that can read poor quality/damaged discs, its all down to the individual as to what drive and media you go for.


Well… For me, its DVDs. I want it to do everything with DVDs.


take a look here