Best of both worlds?

I have just got a 18x DVD writer. I know it’s not a big increase over 16x, but I’d like to take advantage of it.

Through some testing, I can only use the higher speed with Nero 7. If it is not possible to modify Nero 6, can I use Nero 7 with Nero Vision express v3?

In spite of asking many times in the past, nobody has been able to explain why is much much faster at producing an image than later versions; which can take 50-100% longer across a range of PCs with the same settings. Even the initial top progress bar moves across much quicker in v3.1.0.11 than in the others.

Is the timer faulty? Do the settings entered in the GUI not ‘take’ when transcoding making the time shorter?

TIA for any input.



An update.

An AVI that would have taken 2h 13 min to transcode with NVE v4, would have taken 1h 1m in NVE v3.1.0.11.

Sorry, but bumpitty bump.