Best Notebook DVD Burner?

I do plan to dig a bit more but since technology changes so fast I was hoping to get the latest and greatest input. I have a Dell Latitude C840. I need to replace the burner in the side bay. I have seen a review by someone who installed an ND-6500A in this laptop and it worked great. The question is, is this the best available for this job? They all look very similar spec-wise although the site I checked for the ND-6500 does not show that it can burn to DL media. It appears that the Toshiba SD-6472 can.

I’ll leave it there, anyone who has installed a new slim DVD burner in a latitude or specifically the C840, which would you recommend?

Well, I have looked and looked and it is extremely tough to find info on this subject, regarding notebooks anyway. I went ahead and ordered the SD-R6472. Ultradrives said to go with the “slave” configuration since “that is what Dell uses”. I went with that although found one other site that mentioned this drive and that it would work with a C840 but then went on to say that it works with other laptop but to be sure the laptop uses cable select and NOT MASTER/SLAVE. So now I’m unsure again. Is it going to work or not. Seems to be a big mystery but after researching for about a week, I am tired of spending countless hours. So, when I get it I’ll try it out and will confirm here if it worked in the C840.

I got my Toshiba R6472 DVD+/-R/RW/R+DL and it worked perfectly with my Dell Latitude C840. Ok, a few minor problems as follows:

  1. Although it is fairly easy to remove the bezel from the old drive, it does not have the same tabs as the new drive and thus will not fit. I am contemplated coming up with some solution but since the when it’s centered in the hole the LED and Eject buttons don’t even line up, I suspect there is little that can be done. The new drive with the new Bezel does fit as is but there is a gap on the left, right and bottom and the top is a wee bit tight. Still, all in all it works as it without any modification. I’m trying to look at it as breathing room for a computer that runs too hot as it is.

  2. When I first installed it, it was recognized without me having to do anything.

  3. It burns CD’s without a problem at 24x. I haven’t tried DVD’s yet but the CD work great.

  4. I read a post somewhere that said that with Dell laptops be sure to purchase the drive with CSEL (cable select) and not master/slave. I bought mine for $99 at They had two, one that listed nothing and one that listed “Master”. They said go with the non-master version which is what Dell uses and as an added bonus was the cheaper of the two. They were right. Incidentally, my experience with Ultradrives was great. I ordered it around 1PM eastern time and they shipping it out the same day.

Hope that helps some others who may be asking the same questions I was a week or so ago.

Good luck