Best NON-LiteOn DVD drive for Nero quality scanning?

Besides LiteOn, what are some of the best DVD drives for scanning w/Nero?

What, no LiteOn? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe, other than that I’d say BenQ. :slight_smile:

Benq, as long as it’s not a Q60 or a 1670. I have a 1670 and it’s a pretty good burner but will not do quality scans.

I have a Sony Rebadged BENQ1640 (sony dru810) that will not scan at all. Is it the firmware? Anything I can do?

Could be the firmware. One of my 1650s was a rebadge, originally it had Philips firmware and I couldn’t scan for love nor money.

Might want to have a look around the BenQ forum about crossflashing it with BenQ firmware.

You will need to flash it with BenQ firmware using BQFlasher then voila! :wink: