Best non-BD internal burner late 2009 (advice needed)

What is (are) the best – rated (by users or ‘pro’ reviewers) and/or tested – non-BD burner(s) avail. ca. Dec. 2009?
I am using Benq 1640 and Benq 1655. Both (and esp 1640) were very-well rated a few years back. Alas, mine are starting to show their age – e.g., mech problems such as sliders jamming/sticking, etc.
So, regardless of price, what’s the best out there now? And how much better are the newer models than well-rated old ones like 1640 and 1655 (say, one could still buy new-old-strock 1640s or 1655s) ?

The Optiarc 7240s gets recommended a fair amount around here. May not be quite as good as the 7200 series, but the 7240s is still readily available, while the 7200’s have disappeared. My 7240s is not a reliable scanner, so you should use your BenQ’s for that. It uses a SATA interface, not IDE like your older drives, and it has a rather abrupt mechanism when opening the tray.

I’ve had very good results using high quality single and double layer media, but I burn at moderate speeds…usually 8x for Yuden000 T02, 12x for MCC 004 and 4x for MKM 001 (Verbatim DL 2.4-6x speed disks). I don’t use mediocre media, so I can’t advise you on that.

If I had to buy another dvd burner right now, this Optiarc is the one I would choose amongst the drives that are available.