Best (non-Aopen 1648) reader for scratches DVDs?




I currently only have a NEC 3500AG burner which works great for burning DVDs.

However, it is TERRIBLE at reading scratched DVDs, ive tried to backup a few of my worst originals and i couldnt read most of them. I recently tried them in my fathers Aopen 1648 DVD-ROM and it read them faster than my NEC reads unscratched DVDs(i told him to buy it based on advice in this forum btw).

Unfortunately, the Aopen 1648 now seems to be unavailable in Denmark, so i am looking for a good DVD reader/ripper. Speed is important, but im more interested in performance with damaged DVDs.

What is the best alternative?(its okay if its a burner btw, after they dont cost that much more). I would be nice it was came with a black front, but it is not a must.


The BTC burners are very good at reading bad disks, they just suck at burning them. Look in there forum for some info.


Midt Data have AOpen.


Thanks for the tip. However i had hoped to find the Aopen 1648/AAP Pro Cham, midtdata ‘only’ has the 1648AAP.

I suppose i should stop trusting sites like, this drive isnt mentioned at all on their site for midtdata.

I think ill do a more thorough search for the AAP Pro, and if that fails get the AAP. I would still like suggestions on alternatives though.



I have a 1648/aap pro chameleon, but after poking around on these forums about it I think I might have preferred a non pro as they have better speed reading burned discs +/- r. Both have great speeds for reading pressed original dvd-video discs, but I have seen some people who claim to have their aap non-pro reading pressed original dvd-9 disks up to 14x speed which is incredible if true. My pro can do 12x dvd-9 rips–still fast though.


I is possible to change fronts on the non-pro? Ive seen another store selling black 1648 fronts for ~2$. Its not that important, its just that my case and NEC burner is all black :slight_smile:


Benq 1620 with Speed Patch rips MOST pressed Dvds wit 7-8+ GB in less than 10 min.
And they do come in black.


Thanks for the tip. However, im actually more worried about its ability to read damaged/scratched DVD’s. Many of my originals have some pretty bad scratches and i get CRC errors when reading them on my NEC ND3500AG, while my fathers 1648 reads them at full speed without giving any errors. Is the BenQ 1620 just as good with error correction as the Aopen?


I can’t say if the Benq is as good with damaged disc, but mine has read every disc but one and it is really damaged. The benq got more of it read than my 3500,3520,BTC 1108, Sony 510 or my BTC 316 dvd-rom drives did. I wish I had a aopen to play with but I will not order from mail order places because of the hassles on returning defective products. I like brick and mortar store where you can walk in and walk out with another. I don’t mind paying a little more for this convience.

If anyone knows of a retail outlet in the USA that sell Aopen drives please PM me the info. Thanks.


I’ve found the Asus DVDROM drive is an excellent reader of poor quality discs. You should also try disc scratch removal techniques, they have worked for me very well. Use a fine polishing compound like toothpaste on disc scratches and rub with a fine cloth like a piece of an old T-shirt, might take half-an-hour.


My experiences are that the AOpen (nonPro, see my Signature) is the best (in regards of problematic discs) reader of them all. And it is true - it reads pressed DVD-9’s up to 14x, as does the speedpatched BenQ. BenQ is only faster on -R since my AOpen only reads them at 12x.
But who cares ? I’m a +R(with Bit) user :wink:


I guess ill buy the non-pro then, just too bad its grey. I dont think anyone answered my question on whether or not the front can be changed.


I don’t think you can buy the older non-Pro model anymore, I’ve only seen the newer Pro version sold. Some places may not say “Pro” on it, but if you look at the exact Aopen model number and compare it on their website it is a Pro model. There is a version of the Aopen 1648/Pro sold called the “chameleon” that includes 3 interchangeable fronts: beige, black, and silver.


Its actually the chameleon thats entirely unavailable in Denmark. Ive found one store selling the non-pro(product number matches non-pro according to aopen website). Apparently most stores cant get any more of the drive at all.