Best New DVD Writer Out Now?



Which one is the best dvd writer that is out right now from Pioneer, Liteon, Benq, LG, or NEC? I basically use +R media and +R DL. Not a fan of -R.



111/1650 IMHO only!

Both do well with +R! That is all I use except for tests! Most newer players will all play +R media without DVD-BOOKTYPE-ROM set or Bitsetting!


Thanks, yeah thats the one I had seen of Benq. I have a 1620 right now and an NEC 3520. I wanted to replace the 3520 cause I am selling it to a friend and buying a new one for me. I saw bad things about the NEC 4570, so that one is out. Also Liteon hasn’t been on my favorites list for a long time now. So then I guess for me, its 1650 meets little brother 1620, though can they run together , one slave, one master without problems?



can they run together , one slave, one master without problems?

Hi dja2K,

I have a DW1650 running as slave on the primary IDE channel with a Benq DVD Rom as master - no problems at all. It’s also quite interesting to note that the jumpers on my DW1650 came already set to slave. Probably doesn’t mean alot though.

Hope this helps :smiley:


LG is good and the new liteons have improved, but I still prefer Pioneer and BQ this month! LOL
Nec use to be the best in many areas but has went down hill just a little. My 4550 is not as good as my 3500 but the 4550 is still a good machine and will outlast my second Plex 716 BTW. BQ/Liteon/Sony/next Pionneers and whateverelse will all probablby be made from the same parts that are mass produced in the same factories in China and just rebaged with some name. If they last seberal years then it doesn’t matter. The only burner that has failed on me so far is the 716. All my NECs/Pioneers are still running and some of those are 6 years old.
The BQs and NECs like being a slave! LOL //The Pios and Plexs do not.