Best new CD-R burner to buy?



Hi folks,

I’m getting ready to do a critical burn of about 300 CDR’s, and would like to know what the forum believes to be the best quality burner to buy, or if I need to buy a new one at all.

I currently have a LTR-52327S with less than 100 80-minute burns on it. I’ll be burning MAMA 80min white thermal CDRs. I’ve already burned about 100 of them, with no playback problems. I’ve had no problems with it using the above media, or standard Fujifilm 80 min CDR’s. I burn at 8x only.

My LTR has the original FW, bought in San Francisco in July 04.

Thanks in advance.


Hello & welcome to the board! I suggest you to get a plextor premium.
It’s a bit expensive, but this drive is worth cost.

Read also some reviews on so can have a clearer idea,too.

Hope this can help


The other approach… don’t change what works - when you have a drive/media combination that works well, stay with it untile the drive wears out, or you can no longer get the same media at a sensible price.

The premium is a good burner, it ought to be for the price!

The other thing, if your software supports 2 burners (sometimes “identical”, sometimes they just have to do the same speed), then you could do them in half the time).

If it’s Audio, I’m not quite sure if the Plextor’s ability to increase the density can also stretch to reducing it - which would be similar to Yamaha’s “audiomaster” trick, where the the media capacity is reduced in order to improve the quality (if you are recording less than a full 80 minutes).

Couldn’t see it in one review, but another drive (maybe it was a DVD) offered the option of “Gigarec” down to 0.9x


I read somewhere here in the forums that the Plextor Premium wasn’t as reliable as it was cracked up to be - ie, the poster felt it wasn’t as good as it was claimed to be. I was considering the Plextor, but elsewhere here, the LTR that I have is quoted as being the best burner out there. I finally posted my question because there were too many conflicting opinions in my forum search. I’ve tried to figure out what makes one burner better than another, but have not reached any real conclusions.



I have a Premium, and although it has more features than my old and worn out 2410, the 2410 was much, much better imho than the premium - which almost cost 3 times the price of a DL NEC burner (about £80 if memory serves for the pemium a while back, and you can get an nec for less than £40 now).

Someone else also added to an earlier post of mine, it may have been a mod, can’t remember, that they too was dissapointed in the premium - also agreeing the older 2410 was a classic and better.

One annoying habbit of my premium is that after writing a cdr, often it will start a scan at a slow speed and go up to a reasonably fast pace - I can sometimes fool it by refreshing from explorer, but not always - and there is a click from the drive like it’s adjusted itself for some reason to go slow, or fast again. I cannot see a setting for this in Plextools config. The Premium is not a bad drive, but if I could have bought a 2410 rather than the premium - I would have gone for that.

With prices for DL dvdr burners so low now, if anyone was going to invest in a new burner, I would certainly recommend checking out a great dvdr/cdr burner combined (from reviews). Admittedly I have not checked current prices, but it seems it is just not worth buying a cdr burner when some dvdr/cdr drives can do a very good job of both these days.