OK Folks—Which IS the BEST NERO to use at this Very Moment…
Come one, Come All----

I’d go for or

Haven’t dared yet go to V7 partly because of all the bugs in the early versions & partly 'cos I doubt there’s any additional functionality that I really need. Micro - the bare essentials…, hands down.

I’m sticking with because it still works with DVD Shrink

I like the look, user interface and functionality of Nero 7 and despite of so many complaints about 7 for those functions I have used so far I have not had any problem with.

Agreed in full. :slight_smile:

I would also endorse this recommendation.
Clearly the best versions. works great!

So that is two votes for & four votes for I might have on a CDR somewhere, so i must go n look it up…I only need it for Music & Photos/Data n odds n sods, with the Odd DVD-R Video after useing Shrink…Have never found the need to use all the other BloatWare that now comes with Nero…Lean n Mean Nero was THE Best…Reason I have asked is that I have just Re-Formated another PC and I would like to install Trouble Free Programs on it…Thanks for your Assistance in this request.
Any More out there!!

If you want a Nero without BloatWare try [B]Nero Lite[/B] 38MB :slight_smile:

I agree Nero 7270 is is the good one.

Is that Nero LITE produced by a third party person from the original Nero product? It’s not from Ahead itself, correct?

Beats me why Ahead allows this, but it’s a great idea.

Ahhh - so it is a third party person doing the changing. Good to know.

I agree completley.

If Nero Lite works great I don’t care too much about a third party or Ahead :slight_smile:

Never heard about Nero Lite and third party producer. Nero is Nero and only being produced by Nero (formerly Ahead).

doesnt it work with

Nero v6.6.0.18 is most definetly the best Nero version in my oppenion.

Nero v6.6.1.4 with it’s special Ultra-Buffer feature is an absolute RAM hog.

Nero v7.x.x.x is insanely bloated and also an absolute RAM hog.

Just my 2 cents :slight_smile: