Best NERO version?



I’ve heard that some newer versions aren’t in fact less buggy?
So i ask which version of Nero (after 6) is the best (least buggy and most stable). I have e TEAC CD-W540E.


may seem ovarly obvios, but i have found that the very latest version is best ( i think) , but 5.5 is the most stable.

  • ben :slight_smile:


I actually use an additional program called record now by sonic version 6.5.1 for cdr and dvdr functions and in cd for cdrw or dvdrw fundtions. Theres a new version of record now by sonic ( Record now is so easy to use compared to nero , and can be on system system at same time as nero , since record now does not have any imapi or incd packet writing software installed and does not run in background