Best Nero version 6.6.?.?.?... does bitsetting booktype to DVD rom? Where to buy?

Just looking to grab Nero 6.6 … whatever the best version is. I have been trying Ashampoo Burning Studio and it has no adjustments (trial version) and I want to be able to change the booktype bitsetting to DVD rom for DVD +R DL (my LG 4163B supports this).

Which Nero and where to buy? I am in Canada but suppose I have to buy online. Nero 7 Ultra is out there but not very well liked, so I’ll pass since its pricy anyhow.



You can do the bitsetting stuff independent from your burning application with Nero CD/DVD Speed. This is installed with Nero, but it can also be downloaded from the author’s website:
Concerning your drive, it might do the bitsetting automagically without additional software. For I am not sure about that, please check the review on about that.

Which Nero and where to buy?
If you got your LG drive as retail version, then there should have been a OEM version bundled with. You are entitled to get a free update to latest, if I remember correctly.
In my opinion Nero is best version, but at least here in Germany this is only available as Express (cheapo, they even distributed is as giveaway on computer magazine CD for free). The full version of Nero 6 is no longer available here, they want to force people getting Nero 7.


Sure you can set the booktype with CD-DVD Speed but as the LG doesn’t support permanent booktyping it’s best to use an app that does it each time. Nero, DVD Decrypter/ImgBurn all provide this facility.

Agree that (or is the way to go.

My LG 4163B came with Nero Express. That program was aweful. I un-installed that and used Ashampoo for a while. Now I am using AnyDVD and dvd decrypter or fab dvd decrypter.

I may try Nero 6.6 at some point. I used dvd decrypter and changed the booktype to DVD ROM and that worked fine. Yep, you have to change it each time. Thats ok.


I bought Nero Ultra on ebay for $11.99. This is the full bore suite from Ahead with everything in it. I downloaded and installed all updates from Nero. Haven’t tried everything (looks like that could take months) but everything I have tried works fine. Two friends have done the same with the same good results. Nero also has download tutorials on everthing. This was way less expensive than Nero 7 and there seem to be still a lot of complaints about bugs in it.
I am using it with my ND 3550A.

Cool. Is Nero fairly easy to find on eBay? What does it offer that you cannot do with DVD decrypter or dvd fab decrypter and Any DVD?

It will take a lot of downloading to completely udate.

Thanx. I found some links. Still not sure what I’m going to go with. My Ashampoo trial is running out, but the Nero 6.6 is pretty cheap. They send you the box, right? You don’t download the Nero 6.6 to begin with?

What does the Nero give you that dvd decrypter and dvd fab decrypter cannot do?