Best Nero/Firmware Version for a DVR-108?

w0w! I actually found a username not in use =D

Been having problems with me dvr-108 for awhile now not sure if its just getting old and dying, had it for about 1-2years now.
It reads every disc i throw at it, but when it comes to burning thats another thing.

It burns my DVD media just fine (Maxell 4x) but it spits out Mitsubishi 48x CD-Rs everytime, maybe its just bad media and my drive doesn’t like it, but my old IDE CD-R 32x/8x luvs that media and it’s as old as hell, so i really don’t get why a much much newer drive won’t like it.

Anyways, I’d like to try and get abit more compatibility out of my drive, I’ve got lost in all these nero versions, there must be hundreds, so if possible, I’d like to know which one best suites the Pioneer DVR-108, also I’d like to know best firmware for this drive, I may not deffo update this though.

I’ve done everything to try and read this media, good clean with compressed air inside my drive did no good, the only CD-R media I can get hold of is Ritek which used to work but don’t have any atm.

Any help I’ll be most greatful