Best NEC DVD Burner?

Hello im looking to purchase my first NEC DVD Burner drive

I need the following:

Bit set capable (i do not use nero)
Burn dvd+R media
Long Life
Works with ALMOST any media!

Your opinion would be appreciated.
thank you

Currently the best choise (for me) is th 7173 with Liggy’s or Dee’s firmware, but is not very quiet.

Why NEC?

Im ljust ooking for a High Quality DVDrw drive that is bitsettable that will burn on most any media.
Guess it doesnt have to be NEC.

Any thoughts?

The x17x are high quality drives and bitsettable, but if you dont want a nec you can go for the liteon 165p6s or a benq 1650/1655, a have the three of them and the best is my 7173, second comes the liteon, and last the benq.

I have a Nec 3550A and have had it close to 11 months with no problems. I burn about 10 DVD’s a week with great success. I use Liggy and Dee’s firmware 1.y6 and use good media, which you should do, no matter what burner you buy. Made in Japan media is the best, the only media not made in Japan to use is Verbatim. The prices on the 3550 are pretty low right now, go to Good luck to you no matter which burner you end up with.

And what is better? 3550A with 1.Y6 or crossflashed to 4551A with 1.85?

I use Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+R 16x (MCC004 Taiwan)?

I just bought an NEC ND-3550A with a v1.G3 firmware. I’m planning on returning it because it spins at maximum speed (loud) while playing DVD’s. It will also wear out faster. All my other drives do not do this. Because it is v1.G3, I was currently unable to flash it to v1.06. However, I am told that BinFlash has been updated to handle v1.G3 drives now.

Can you tell me if this excessive speed problem can be fixed while playing DVD movies with a firmware flash?

maybe drivespeed utility will reduce the rotation speed.

go for NEC 4551.

How are those NEC AD-5710s?