Best NEC drive/firmware for CMC MAG AE1 DVD-R

In the uk the most reasonable priced quality media DVD-R media appears to be CMC MAG AE1.

I now use the Datawrite titanium dvd-rs

This media burns at 12 speed in a Pionner 108
12 speed in Benq 1620

and 12 speed using hacked NEC firmware.

Will hacked NEC firmware give quality burns comparable to the Pionner 108 / BENQ 1620?

I want to purchase a NEC drive to take advantage of it fast reading speed but also need to to perform at 12 speed with CMC MAG AE1 media.

I don’t need bitsetting as using DVD-R.

Do I get the 3500 or 3520?
What firmware is best for CMC MAG AE1 with each drive at 12 speed.

I purchased 25 of those discs a while ago (only because they was £5 for 25) and have to say the quality of them on this 3520 at 12x is very impressive, i would not buy any more though because i just do not like the dark grey colour.

3250A with 1.U5 firmware (at the time).

I use the Datawrite Yellow CMC AE1 with my 3520 and 1.U6. Very smooth, no problems. They are only 9.95€ for 25 here.
Beware of older beta firmwares, i had problems with 1.05.

The worst part of the burns if there is any is in the beginning of the disk where the speed is lowest :confused: . PI rate fluctates till then to the end, even at 12x :slight_smile:

On which brand are they sold? Where can you find 25 of these for 5GBP (or 9 euros)?

Is 1.U6 a hacked firmware?

I use the Titanium hub printables - £4.99 for 25 disc

I can see from other posts that 1.U6 is beta 6 hacked firmware.

On which brand are they sold? Where can you find 25 of these for 5GBP

Sold as Datawrite Grey 8x -R discs. i purchased them from a computer fair (Bowlers) and i thought they was going to be bad discs, but they have proven me wrong.

i got a 100 pack of the tuffdisc’s for 20 quid and they are cmc mag ae1 and burn fine at 12x

Experiences with 25x0 firmwares?

2F9 give correct results

2F8 & Herries 107v2b5 both give very good burns.

I just tested in Nero CD Speed and it has a near smooth curve right up to 16x. Not s single dropoff near the end whatsoever!

Impressed. Using 2.F9 on 25x0 as was recommended. :wink: