Best NEC burner for audio extraction

Which of these NEC models are best suited for audio ripping (with EAC) :

AD-7170S SATA (I have SATA connection)

And which of these drives can read into the Lead-In/Lead-Out area ?

Ok…no one seems to know…

If anyone has one of these drives, please tell me you’re opinion of the drive and how it rips audio cd’s (if you’ve tried that).

5170/7170 and 7173 are basically the same hardware. They should all be the same for Audio ripping. NEC drives tend to be good at ripping audio CD’s.

The 3550 is old hardware but should still rip audio very well.

Can anyone tell me if the NEC AD-7170S SATA can read into the Lead-Out area of a CD-DA disc ?

Just for the record.NEC’s 3540 was a superb audio ripper propably among the best (Plextors included)